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TTA Gold Export Project

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Trade to Aid Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been appointed to represent and partner with a number of gold mining concerns in various locations in Africa.

As a social enterprise established to support and develop marginalised communities we embark with a sense of serious community involvement in this new venture.



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Historically, scant attention has been afforded community development throughout Africa on which mining operations depend for their success. Poor pay, working conditions and disregard for the necessary development of these communities needs to be addressed.


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Successful mining and agricultural operations depend heavily on the labour and input of these rural people who rarely become stakeholders, and thus are deprived of a respectable living wage. Staff are often subject to working long hours, in trying and often dangerous conditions. Trade to Aid Ltd seeks to address work-related  issues by providing communities with the support they deserve.

There is little indication of rural communities significantly benefitting from the mining companies who generate vast wealth at their expense. It is important to see reform in this area and to take responsibility in order to offer hard-working rural people a 'better life'.

Trade to Aid Ltd will seek to ensure that by representing a designated mining sector in Africa, workers and communities, that directing  grassroots development will be the driver for our business dealings with this sector to ensure we contribute to the improved quality of life of those we represent.

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