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We are building a global initiative gradually. The key areas we focus on are in sport development, social care, aid outreach and general community support at the grassroots level. Sport and exercise and healthy lifestyle is crucial for everybody, as it benefits people profoundly. In many areas in the world today, youth do not have opportunities and the means to play sport,no guidance and little encouragement and it is this fact that motivates Sport Care Access International to address the situation. Sport and other community building initiative are able to help lift communities out from the poverty trap, impact greatly on their mental health, and offer careers in playing and coaching. As our project is in its infancy we seek partners and volunteers to help carry out our mandate.This is a community project, we invite you to take part.

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Africa Diverse Water Supplies. Our Initiative is based in Kenya. Our focus is providing water to rural villages and slums in Africa. Our goal is to seek the access of clean drinking water to masses in Africa and also access water for irrigation. We have been involved in environmental conservation especially water catchment areas and the promotion of green environment, this includes planting trees ensuring we receive enough rains.Water is life but unless its put in proper use this saying will not have any use. That why we focus in engaging in irrigation projects and modern ways of farming using less water, to eradicate poverty.

We are currently establishing 'Greenhouse farms' for vegetable growers within the communities which will provide essential produce and products to local markets.Communities will surely benefit from this investment.It is hoped that other similar initiatives would be built on the continent of Africa in partnership with other projects.

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Ensuring personal healthcare is priority as COVID-19 Coronavirus threatens our lives and changes our circumstances dramatically. Adjusting our lifestyle now becomes priority for all of us , ensuring communities are provided with sanitization products, personal protection equipment (PPE). It is imperative to provide carers and healthcare workers, and business with peace of mind,all this,as we safeguard ourselves,our businesses, loved ones and the wider community from becoming a victim of this threatening and deadly virus.

Medclear provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to industries in health and social care, retail outlets and donates to homeless people in London who live on the streets. Bulk provision of PPE is essential for marginalised communities in Africa, Asia and impoverished areas of the world.


Sport Care Access pilot project is a London, United Kingdom based social enterprise, committed to ensuring children, refugees and homeless people here can be assisted in various ways.Volunteering expertise to other existing services has been a way S.C.A. has contributed in the past and currently.


We are continually promoting the plight of refugees in Europe and the United Kingdom through social media, and locating sponsorship in order to carry out a sustainable and effective service.Gaining sponsorship has been challenging and is a priority.We launched a 'global initiative', Africa Sport International (Sport Care Access International) in 2013,and this is currently in the planning stages.


We are developing the United Kingdom service and seek volunteers to assist in areas such as social care, sport development,awareness campaigns and stalls at markets


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Media Connections Builder Solutions (MCBS) promote and create Trade to Aid Ltd social enterprise projects

and entrepreneur initiatives on worldwide social media.

We aspire to help those build a platform digitally for their communities whether that be in an urban area or rural setting.We invite those with innovative people-centred entrepreneurship projects to contact our support team.

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Enquiries: 0330 440 1080 (International)

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