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Making Stable Profits

Dream Come True

We provide automated EA services that have proven to be stable in various extreme

market conditions.

TTA Automated Signals

All the trading signals are automatically executed on the mother trading account


Multiple Risk Levels

You can choose Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive Risk Levels

Managed Installation

We can manage your trading positions for you. We will include your trading commitment amount on our MT4 platform for FREE and manage your trading positions daily

Fund Account

Forward funding to TTA account with at least £2000. We will send you confirmation that your funds are being included in our MT4 Trading platform in the next cycle.

Enjoy Profits

Thats all that needs to be done. Now you can start enjoying your profits.

TTA Trading option.png
We use services of accredited Forex/Bitcoin brokers in order to place trading positions

Low Risk


20% / month

This is suitable for income generation on accounts above $10,000.

Very low drawdown

Suitable for large accounts

Generates stable profit

No monthly overheads

Medium RISK


50% / month

This is suitable for $3000-10000.

Monthly ROI upto 50%

Max historical DD 25%

Suitable for income traders

No monthly overheads

No startup costs

Higher Risk


130% / month

This is suitable for $2000 accounts and aggressive traders.

Monthly ROI upto 130%

Max historical DD 60%

Suitable for growth traders

No startup costs

Our Risk Levels

Choose the desired monthly profit and max risk parameters.

Ready to start making money?

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