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Trade to Aid Ltd operates under the auspices of registered United Kingdom social enterprise Sport Care Access Ltd.

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Trade to Aid Ltd is a registered London Chamber of Commerce (L.C.C.) company and also a member of Social Enterprise UK (SE-UK) ,through being a partner company of

SE-UK affiliated Sport Care Access Ltd in the United Kingdom. 

As we build our service of selling products in the United Kingdom and abroad we hope to assist others launch their own initiatives.


Our vision is to develop the projects in order to reach a worldwide audience ensuring that people are able to develop in a number of ways through their involvement, skills training to position themselves to generate an income.

These individuals are then encouraged to teach others ensuring that they too develop a pathway to a bright and prosperous future. 


We find ways within projects to ensure that beneficiaries develop and move forward in their lives profoundly. It is our intention to introduce individuals into income-generating projects which can secure the livelihood of families in the remotest parts of the world, in so building a network of Trade to Aid members all becoming self-sufficient, confident and secure in what initiative they embark on with us.

Trade to Aid encourage and teach people to develop and with constant mentorship and support. We encourage people to look into creating other forms of income- generation as a back-up.

We invite those who may contribute positively to our cause by developing community-based initiatives which can be sustained over the long-term. As we go forward with a positive outlook for the company and those who choose to assist and join our initiative, developing the talents and lives of others will always remain a priority.


Our projects rely on dedicated volunteers who help as and when events arise. In order to sustain different initiatives funding is required.


We constantly make an effort to reach out to new partners,sell products and attract interested parties to fund particular events over the long-term  through sponsorship or purchasing company shares.

We are committed to the well-being and welfare of others and communities, especially those stranded in the 'poverty trap'. We envision our volunteers becoming economically active citizens.

Trade To Aid TTA  invite you to get into contact with us regarding any initiative you may feel would help your community, and we will ensure we do our best to assist you make it possible, providing we are able to secure the funds for your project.

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